Tuesday, March 4, 2014

St. Patty's Swap

When Vivian announced a Secret Leprechaun swap I knew I had to be in, so I signed up first thing.  Then, I began to panic because I don't really celebrate St. Patrick's Day and I certainly don't have any decorations for it.

Once I settled down and started thinking about what I would make for this swap, I really had fun.  The person I'm sending this to doesn't know yet that I'm her Secret Leprechaun.  Here is a tag I made to send along with a couple goodies.

This little hanging ornament  turned out kind of sweet.  It measures approximately 5x7 and is a burlap "pillow" with a decoupaged sheet of music, an Irish girl, and some other embellishments on the front.

I'm happy with the way this banner turned out, and I hope I have time to make myself one just like it.  It was hard to photograph so in the picture below, I took a closeup of the letter L.

My Secret Leprechaun was Kim K.  Kim and I had swapped Valentine's a year or so ago.  She's a speedy Leprechaun and my package of St. Patty's goodness arrived over the weekend.  It was all so festively wrapped which is part of the fun!

This frame with the 3d Leprechaun is just the sweetest thing!  What a great idea.

She also made this cute Leprechaun in a cloche.  Don't you just love this?

Kim also included a fun shamrock necklace, some St. Patty's napkins and some gold coins.  Thanks Kim!  And thanks to Viv for hosting this fun little swap.  :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring Soiree

Bobbie hosted another fabulous Soiree at The Paper Crown this weekend.  I always feel like an excited  little kid again when I arrive to see the fun decorations she has taken so much time to prepare for our class. 

Cupcakes, candy, cake.  Oh yes - please!

 Of course, don't forget the name tags.  I have quite the collection now and they always make me smile.

This was the main project.  I signed up for the Soiree before I even knew what the project would be.  I knew there was no way to be disappointed and true to form, Bobbie outdid herself.  

Of course, as if the above project wasn't quite enough, we made these sweet "party favors".  Just precious!

It was a great day to celebrate Shelley's 40th birthday.  This was Shelley's third party and she had one more to go that night.  

As always, it was nice to hang out and visit with Nan.  I'm so lucky for my sweet, creative friends.  :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

3 Inchey Swap

My friend Laurie came up with this great swap. Laurie and I know each other from several creative workshops we have attended, and I knew some of our mutual friends would be participating too!

For this particular swap, we were to make six three-inch by three-inch fabric blocks.

Here was my creation - which was sort of similar to the larger heart I made for Jennifer's swap, but shrunk down and placed on a fabric background for the 3 inch by 3 inch requirement:

Our talented friend Hope Ellington came up with this amazing block with a frozen charlotte enclosed in a dimensional heart.  She also included an extra little surprise in with her swap - a lovely heart necklace that says, "Be True".  She amazes me.

Just look at this block that was made by our friend Tammy. She managed to perfectly squeeze all that detail onto her block.  So pretty! I absolutely love the pinks.

When I took this colorful block out of the package, I knew who made this without even having to look.  :)  Our sweet friend Linda - this is SO her - and I just love it.  It makes me smile.

This pretty block was made by Lisa.  I haven't met her in person yet, but what a lovely piece of art she created, and I'm thrilled to add it to my collection.

Laurie made this precious block, and this one is so her, too!  I love the vintage fabric, lace, embroidery, and of course, a button.

 Jeanelle embellished this block so sweetly - with the key, beads, buttons, vintage lace and wool.  Just beautiful!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Heart Swap #1

Back in early January, my friend Jennifer posted she was going to host a Winter White Heart Swap.  The rules were only that the heart should be in some shade of Winter White, and they should be approximately the size of our hand.  They could be any medium of our choosing.   I couldn't wait to get started!

This was my contribution for this swap:

   Look at this beautiful heart by Lonnie Jenck:

I love this fabric heart with embellishments.  I'm not sure who the creator is since the packaging got separated from the hearts.  If you recognize who made it - let me know!

 This is a lovely paper heart with beautiful lace embellishment - again, I don't know who created this one.

This pretty heart has chunky glitter and multi-colored pearls and was made by Jill Sibbald:

I'm not sure who was the creator of this heart as there was no name attached but it is a paper and chenile heart with a fun "love" tag.

My friend Jennifer Barnes made this beautiful heart with so many layers and textures:

 Patty Cross came up with this pretty fabric heart adorned with glittered clay wings:

Another sweet fabric heart, I'm not sure who made this one either~!

This heart came all the way from Germany!  Our friend Wanda created this precious heart with a fun glittered heart in the little pocket on front.

This was a really fun swap to participate in and came at the perfect time after the holidays.

Next up, I'll post about the  3 inchey swap I took place in, so check back!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine Soiree

Yesterday was Bobbie's Valentine Soiree at the Paper Crown.  It's always such a great time creating beautiful projects and just spending time with friends.  Of course, Bobbie made us these cute name tags:

Look how adorable this treat station is!  We never go hungry at these events that is for sure - and do you see all the sweet gift bags?  Every single person in class went home with a door prize.  We were all  in love with the banner adorning the booth and one lucky person got to take it home.  

These were our kits.  Inside the frame were all the components for making our main project, and the small bag to the left contained materials for making a little party favor.  

Here's a few of the ladies with their completed projects.

Me and Shelley:

It's always a good time crafting at the Paper Crown.  Also yesterday we found out the details (and signed up for) the Spring Retreat!  Click here for more details.  Space is limited to 30 so if you think you might want to go - sign up now.  Believe me, classes fill up very quickly.

Friday, January 31, 2014


Over the past few years I've seen a year long course offered online at Willowing.org called Lifebook. Although I had wanted to,  I hadn't signed up because of time constraints.  However, this year, even though there won't be more time in my life, I'm determined to make time for creativity.

One of our first lessons was to take our word for the year and create a Guardian Angel to guide us through the year.  My word this year is "Move" and I'm pretty happy with how my angel turned out.

Before Christmas, I had taken Christy Tomlinson's Artsy Ornaments class.  Tam Laporte, the founder of Willowing.org taught a class on making a paper clay doll using a jar as the base.  A few months prior to the class, I had a few flood lights that had burned out but I thought that I could use as a base for a doll.  I had already covered the bulbs with masking tape paperclay, then I set them aside in my craft room for months!  In December, after watching Tam's tutorial, I finally took the time to collage and paint this little doll and I think she came out pretty good.

As January was in full swing, I was feeling kind of sad that I wasn't participating in any Valentine swaps this year.  Shortly after that, Jennifer Babcock announced that she was hosting a Valentine heart swap and I think I was one of the first to sign up.  :)  For the swap, we were to make 10 hearts the size of our hand made from any medium we chose.  I made mine from fabric, lace, organza, and embellishments, and my hearts are pictured below.  Jennifer is mailing our swapped hearts back to us this week - it will be fun to see all the creativity!  

Then, to my surprise, shortly after Jennifer's swap, my friend Laurie Jackson announced that she was hosting a 3 inchey swap.  Mine are almost complete to send off but I won't post pictures until the 3 inchies are actually returned.  (Some of the swap participants read my blog).

 Lastly, Danita was offering an online class called "A Doll Story".  I believe I've mentioned it on my blog just a few posts back, plus I have a button on my side bar.  I'm a tad behind, but here is my doll so far:

I'm hoping to catch up on Sunday while Doug is busy watching the Superbowl.  Tomorrow, I'm going over to the Paper Crown to attend Bobbie's Valentine Soiree which I know will be fabulous, as always!

I can't believe that today is the last day of January.  It's been quite a month.  We're looking forward to moving into February.  

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 13, 2014

A Doll Story

I'm getting excited to start this class on January 20, 2014.  If you'd like to join us, click on this link to register.  It's going to be so much fun!

Oh! and one lucky person will get to take this class for free.  :)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Goodbye, old friend.

Earlier this week, we said goodbye to Niles.  It's a heartbreak as you all can imagine, even though we knew for a while that this day was coming, it's not easy to lose a member of our family. 

Although this guy was tiny, he was a fighter and that's probably what kept him here with us as long as he was.  At his biggest, he was 4.5 pounds, and for the last six months or so, he was a teeny weenie 2.75 pounds. So physically fragile but so mentally tough. Our proud little man.

When I got Niles almost fourteen years ago, he was so spoiled from the beginning.  Here's a picture of him in his little bed, surrounded by all his toys.  He had a little smirky face and such a little attitude! If you picked him up to love on him, when you put him down, he's wipe your "stink" off him.  He did a little moon walk and it was so funny to watch him. He just wanted to play all the time and chase the tennis ball until he would practically fall over with exhaustion.  He'd sleep and get up and do it all over again.

He had a little fur coat with leopard cuffs, (a whole wardrobe actually - jammies included!):

He loved to curl up anywhere warm: 

Or anywhere there was a ray of sunshine:

Back in the day, he could run and jump higher than you would ever think, but over time, he just couldn't jump anymore, and running made his little bones ache. 
We almost lost him three years ago when he got attacked by another dog.  He had severe injuries and was in shock. We set up a doggie ICU to watch him constantly and to keep the other three dogs away from accidentally hurting him more.  We were so afraid when he wouldn't eat anything - not peanut butter, not even a hunk of cheese.  Usually, he would sell his soul for cheese, but he wouldn't even look at it. By some miracle, Doug got him to eat "special chicken dinner" and we nursed him back to health.  

Though, after that incident, he started to slow down.  His bones really began to ache and we had to start pain medication for arthritis. We teased that he was a little "junkie" because when he would need his pain medication, he would come to the cabinet where I kept his pills.  He would take it without even hiding it in cheese and he would go on his way.   His eyesight and hearing began to fail, and over time he lost a few teeth. But he was a proud little man and he *loved* his Douglas.  When Doug would come home from work, Niles would come out from wherever he was sleeping to greet him with an ear to ear toothless grin and wagging of his little flag tail.

Doug loved him too.  He took such wonderful care of Niles - every night tucking him in and wrapping him in a warmy blanket.  Making him special warm roast beef dinner trying to keep him from losing any more weight.  We're all going to miss him so much.  We gave him the very best life we possibly could and got so much more from him in return.  I have a million stories and memories and for the time we had together, I am so grateful.  He is so terribly missed.
 I hope he's having fun in Heaven chasing bunnies and getting lots of snuggles from my Mom.  I'm sure she's feeding him cream cheese on bagels just like the old days.  Goodbye, old friend.  I'll see you again. xoxo